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At Sunrise Physical Therapy Services, we understand that your health and time are valuable commodities. We have designed our services to help you achieve your goals with the least amount of inconvenience and the highest level of care. Services are administered in an effective and timely manner. A team approach with the referring physician and the physical therapist is consistently utilized to ensure closer case management and quality care. 


If you are in pain, injured, or simply have difficulty moving, it is a distraction that adversely affects every aspect of your life—usually in ways that you never anticipated. At Sunrise Physical Therapy Services, our highly skilled and experienced therapists understand how pain can significantly impact every area of your life. We understand that your recovery depends on our ability to provide quality, personalized treatment that is focused on you and the problem you are experiencing. We provide only the best physical therapy care possible—the type of specialized treatment and personal care we would expect for ourselves.



Orthopedic physical therapy is the core of our practice. It represents the majority of the services we offer. Our orthopedic physical therapy specialists are experts in the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and management of injuries affecting the musculoskeletal syetem, whcih includes muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and joints. Through the use of evidence based therapy and the development of a goal-orientented, personalized treatment plan we assist you in returning to your activities and daily functions. 


Treatment may include education, theraputic exercise, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, and various modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stem, iontophoresis, ice, traction, etc. We also have state of the art exercise equipment that can be utilized in your recovery. 


We believe in helping you learn how to manage and improve your physical condition. We offer various assistive equipment for home use. 


Sports Injury Rehabilitation: Physical therapists develop therapeutic plans to improve overall strength and conditioning, posture and mechanics, performance, balance and coordination, to help decrease the incidence of repetitive injuries and allow athletes to remain competitive and active. Components of this program may include evaluation, examination and assessment of injury.



Neurological Rehabilitation 


We assist people with neurological deficits resulting from central nervous system diseases (multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, myelopathy), neuromuscular disorders (such as ALS, myasthenia gravis, and cerebrovascular disease(stroke).



Sunrise Ergonomics' top priority is to identify the risks at work stations and to offer the best corrective recommendations. Our goal is to prevent injury for people in the work space. We provide Injury Prevention Seminars to reduce injuries, claims and costs. We educate employees on what causes and how to avoid injury at the work space. Another way we emphasize injury prevention is that we can create an Ergonomic Committee to allow us to address in-house problems. We visit employees at their work stations and provide them with personalized tips to relieve and prevent symptoms. We also make adjustments to their workspace environment so they are in the best ergonomical position. When we work with employees we gather and observe their functional job descriptions to determine the physical demands so we can provide them with the best solution. Some of the solutions include providing them with instructions for new habits or positions, recommending exercises to do on a regular basis, and if necessary new ergonomic equipment.   



Jamie Mason, owner of Sunrise Physical Therapy Services, was the first in Ventura County to offer a specialized program to effectively treat and manage lymphedema. Her clinics have successfully worked with edema patients since Sunrise began. Prior to starting her own practice, Ms. Mason specialized in caring for patients with edema in Ventura County. Linda Watts-Silva, the head Physical Therapist at our Ventura office also specializes in providing lymphedema care to patients. No other practice in Ventura County has more years of experience treating lymphedema patients using a complete decongestive program. 


About Lymphedema 

Lymphedema is the buildup of lymph in the tissues, mainly in the fat just under the skin, and is caused by a problem in the lymphatic system. Lymphedema is an abnormal collection of too much tissue protein, fluid (edema), chronic inflammation, and leads to thickening and scarring of connective tissue.

With treatment, most patients show a reduction in swelling and improved function. As treatment progresses, patients often enjoy a return to their normal activities and lifestyle.

As an extension of the Cancer Rehabilitation Program, Sunrise Physical Therapy Services provides a comprehensive treatment plan that will assist patients in reducing, delaying, and preventing the progression of Lymphedema.


Treatment Plan

Our licensed physical therapists have specialized training in Lymphedema treatment. The process is individualized to address each patient's specific needs and includes the following: 

  1. Evaluation to determine the proper course of treatment.

  2. Manual Lymph Drainage to drain the lymph fluid from the affected limb.

  3. Bandaging & Compression to prevent fluid from re-accumulating in the limb.

  4. Exercises to activate the muscle joint pump resulting in reduced swelling.

  5. Sequential Pumping with state-of-the art pneumatic pumps to maximize the swelling reduction.

  6. Assistance in selecting equipment and proper compression garments.

  7. Follow-up treatment with evaluations at scheduled intervals


How to Obtain a Referral 

Left untreated, Lymphedema has serious pathological and clinical consequences. Ask your physician if you would benefit from Lymphedema Rehabilitation. A referral and medical evaluation from your physician are necessary to initiate treatment.