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Attitude is 


Invest in your Posture!

Maintaining good body awareness and alignment helps us for a lifetime. Engaging your core muscles and remembering to keep your head over your shoulders are two easy things you can work on daily!

"When you can't find Sunshine, be the Sunshine!

About Us

Sunrise Physical Therapy Services has 2 convenient locations in Ventura and Oxnard. Our highly skilled physical therapists provide treatment for back & neck pain, low back pain, chronic pain, sprains, strains and post-surgical pain. We offer comprehensive treatment for auto & work injuries, sports injuries, and post surgery rehabilitation for joint replacement, laminectomy, and carpal tunnel syndrome. We also offer treatment for Lymphedema and ergonomics. 

World Class Physical Therapists

Sunrise Physcial Therapy provides patients with the best patient care and the top physical therapists in Ventura County. Each therapist focuses on building a foundation and restoring proper function. They always have a positive attitude and they provide excellent treatment on the patient's path to recovery.

Treatment Program Philosophy 


Sunrise Physical Therapy Services offers various personalized programs to treat and rehabilitate patients using the latest scientific techniques and technology available. We encourage you to peruse the current programs and treatment options we've made available to our patients.