*New Location in Ventura*

We are now at our new office in Ventura

We just completed the renovations and all the finishing touches, and we are ready to welcome you to our new 3,000-square-foot office located about 3 blocks from the previous location (two blocks east on Market and a half block south on Portola).

The new office is located at:

1879 Portola Road, Suite A2
Ventura, CA. 93003

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At Sunrise Physical Therapy Services, we understand that your health and time are valuable commodities. We have designed our services to help you achieve your goals with the least amount of inconvenience and the highest level of care. Services are administered in an effective and timely manner. A team approach with the referring physician and the physical therapist is consistently utilized to ensure closer case management and quality care.


If you are in pain, are injured, or simply have difficulty moving, it is a distraction that adversely affects every aspect of your life—usually in ways that you never anticipated. At Sunrise Physical Therapy Services, our highly skilled and experienced therapists understand how pain can significantly impact every area of your life. We understand that your recovery depends on our ability to provide quality, personalized treatment that is focused on you and the problem you are experiencing. We provide only the best physical therapy care possible—the type of specialized treatment and personal care we would expect for ourselves.


"Building a foundation and restoring function!"